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The Measurements of a Man’s Life

Ovide Duncantell protesting the removal the tree honoring Dr. King
Mentor and Friend
Ovide Duncantell was my friend and it started when I was turning 17. After finishing high school at age 16, many forgot I was a child. Being more than 6 feet tall, well-spoken and a good student, I was still a kid. However, I am grateful for me like Ovide Duncantell who supported my education into politics and still knew hands-off.
As a Freshman in college, a lot was happening as it related to the civil rights movement. Discrimination was still a leading issue, and one was not letting Prairie View students vote in the county was one of them. As a young person, I had the opportunity to speak before the Texas Democratic Convention to this issue. As a young person who was not able to vote yet, I told the audience that being able to vote was second on my list after being given a driver’s license. I talked about the value of knowing that I get to serve my country by electing officials who were for the commu…

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