Are You a Wacky Peacemaker?

wack· y  /ˈwakē/
Adjective: Funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way: "a wacky chase movie".

peace· mak· er /ˈpēsˌmākər/
Noun: A person who brings about peace, esp. by reconciling differences and injustices.

wack· y peace· mak· er /ˈwakē pēsˌmākər/
Noun: A person who brings about peace in funny, amusing or in slightly odd or
peculiar ways to build cultures of peace, justice and healing for the planet.

Then wear this shirt with pride!
Peacemakers are a peculiar people--all of us. We have our dreams and aspirations. That's good. We  have warts, too, which makes us imperfect. That's okay, too. However, truth be told--we are works in progress. We have something to aspire to and I think it is going to take some creative measures to assure that our dreams and aspirations of peace are such that we can all live in this world together. The time is now.
Quotes of Wacky Peacemakers
     In December of 2009, I found myself feeling more than a little frustrated. Part of it has to do with my own dreams and aspirations and feeling like I'm just shy of them--just missing my goal by a hair. I also had a rude awakening during that time, realizing that we don't all work in sync or for the greater good. Oh, we want to--but we are missing some key components in our struggle to get it right. We are creatures of habit and a lot of our habits are not adequately scrutinized. I wish it was a simple matter of good versus evil. That is the least of our worries actually. Evil generally happens when good people do nothing--and we often find ourselves busy doing a lot of nothing these days, failing to acknowledge the problems of the world and failing to acknowledge our culpability in exacerbating those problems. Through our ignorance, our inaction, our prejudices and our own personal foibles. As I said, we are works in progress. Yet--
     I started thinking about the people who have made a difference in the world and I started asking myself why? Why did they make a difference? What was different about what they each did? And I realized that it took some wacky notions to think that people could change a region steeped in racism and bigotry--The South! And yet there was a woman who galvanized a movement by refusing to give up her seat in 1955, and there was a man who took it to the streets with the March on Washington in 1963! Wacky, crazy, outrageous! And Courage! It took courage to think outside the box--to believe that somehow, by breaking a law or taking a walk--and change the world. As John Lennon sings, "All we are saying is give peace a chance!"
     We're changing the world each day. That's a given. Some of it changes because people are just crazy enough not to buy into the hype that they have to be afraid of someone who doesn't look like them or believe like them. As we search our own hearts, a gathering is taking place and there are beautiful moments taking place. So, a few friends and I are taking a good look at history--including just yesterday--and finding the stories where the wacky and peacemaking connect! Ready? Set? Let's go!


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