Wacky Peacemaking at Graduations and Weddings

Malik (my oldest), Eryon (Baby Girl), ME, Andrew (my nephew) and Jarian (Baby Boy)
Weddings and Graduations--A Family Affair
I have been spending a great deal of my time traveling back and forth between California and Texas. I have missed my family and truthfully, they have missed me. So, this weekend I felt like I got a couple of two-fers--you know--2 for the price of 1. One ticket. Two major events that are designed to make you happy and understand that time passes forward, ready or not.
A Graduation--Look out world, here they come ...
     My 18-year old nephew graduated from high school this past Saturday and his class was the largest graduating class in the history of his school. Waiting patiently, I listened to a great Valedictorian speech from this really beautiful senior. She talked about futures, but also inspired people to live in the now. Wow, such wisdom. It was heartwarming. I put up with the principle's efforts to inspire, but the true inspiration: those young people! Lately I have reflected on the future with our young people and realized how hopeful I am. Of course, I work with young people on a regular basis. Yes! On purpose. I like being around them. Babies, oh yeah. But teens and young adults keep me sane. When I hear about kids acting up, I think--why the hell shouldn't they? If I knew the world that I was inheriting 40 plus years ago, perhaps I would have rebelled more myself. I still believed that hard work was its own reward, that merit had value, and doing your best got you fame and fortune. Okay, not exactly fame and not exactly fortune. I just believed that there was an outcome that was measurable by the hard work.
Aunt P.K. and her neice, Chance
Then reality--or the alternate reality--set up shop in my living room. Know what I found out? Life ain't fair and equity is a dream. However, you guys know me! I'm the wacky peacemaker and I'm crazy enough to believe that while not always fair or equitable, justice will prevail. In the end, we all pay the piper and life goes forward. So, weddings--meet my new niece-in-law--are a way to unite families and remember our vows, those kept and yes, those not kept. We are given a vicarious second chance at weddings. All I know is that it brings out the hope of life, a knowing that we must still take chances with one another and for another.
     This wedding, however, was about coming full circle. They had the wedding at this fabulous interfaith chapel called The Rothko Chapel. I was once program director and I had loved the job. It felt like something I had been called to and everyone I know was introduced to the Chapel with programs and events that helped to bridge those areas of discord, and of unknowing. When I learned that my nephew was having his wedding there, I was happy that something I introduced to them long ago was remembered. For all the reasons of family and sharing, love and hope--this was our chance and so was she.


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