Ain't It Funny?

No. It Ain't!
I keep trying to get the joke. It must be a joke, right? It has to be because no one in this group of idiots can continue to think that we're that stupid. Right? Right? I'm a little frustrated here because I'm not getting any response from you. Sigh.
     Okay. I get it. It doesn't take rocket science to know that people must not be paying attention because if they were, we'd be taking it to the streets. Then that's just me. I've been looking for work in California for two years. Oh, I get a few hits every once in a while. People rave about my experience, but they just aren't hiring. So, where are all these rich guys who are getting tax breaks filling up the want ads sections of newspapers with job offers? Because they ain't. They weren't and they never will.
     All across the globe those 2% of the populace have held sway over everything that happens to us. They control 80-90% of the resources of this world and realize that they can't feed us all if they get to keep anything for themselves. So they don't and those who say or think otherwise, I got a bridge in Timbuktu I'd like to sell you--at a really low rate--say 4 or 5 trillion dollars. Just send the check to THINK PEACE INTERNATIONAL.
    Ain't it funny?
    No!? You tell me.


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