Peace is not a trend. It is not a utopian idea, something so fantastical, so perfect that it will never happen. Peace is NOT unachievable.

Peace is not just a noun. Peace is also a verb. It is action, even as it maintains an elusive presence. Why? Because peace means different things to different people. Plus, not everyone believes that "EVERYONE" else is entitled to peace.

For almost twenty-five years, my life has been about this elusive thing called peace. I have participated in prayer vigils and earth dances; so many events over the years and each time I think I've touched peace, it fades away as the reality of those who abhor peace for all rears its ugly head. We struggle with why ALL LIVES MATTER negates the reason for BLACK (and yes, other) LIVES to MATTER. It's not so much as a conundrum (although it is), as it is a structural and systemic problem.

Over the years, I have evolved in my commitment to peace. I want to "make" it, "build" it and "keep" it and I believe that while I don't have the actual formula (because I can't do it by myself), I do have the plan ... a plan that works to build areas of respect and trust as the coin used to purchase solutions. But in order to get the coin, you must again "purchase" it with ... none other than ... LOVE.

Peace costs. And there is no way we can have it if we aren't willing to pay its price. It takes all of the tools to do this job. This is not a lone soldier act. It's community. Marketing is key. And so is financial support. Are you squeamish about giving to an organization or are you reluctant because of the people involved? Be clear that if you believe in the work, support it and not just with words, but action. Volunteer your time, your talents and your resources.

TPI's International Day of Peace Week-Long Series has come together with people currency and pure grit! Over the last 11 years, P. K. McCary (that's me) has along with a team of individuals, facilitated several successful programs: The Peace Hour, a Pacifica radio program to tell the stories of peace in action, 1000 KALEMA, a photographic odyssey competition and exhibition series for peace; ICDesignSTUDIO, a curriculum-based project to teach marketing, public relations, and graphics as a skills set for building critical thinking folks to work in community known as Our House; and several partnerships with United Religions Initiative, The Decade of Non-Violence community-based group, Peace Camp, The Beloved Community, The Rothko Chapel's Tribute to Mandela, and MLK Peacekeeping Initiative and the annual International Day of Peace.

As we embark on our continued venture of combining art, advocacy and activism with its incubation at Project Row Houses, this years conference leads to a year-long initiative to bridge cultural and generational barriers in America. Working with other groups, organizations and institutions, this initiative with build strong relationships to teach standards for partnering, to deal with the social constructs that include system and structural racism and oppression. TPI's has cultivated a non-violent method of working together that has spanned the Nation.

As we pursue several grants (that we stand a positive and strategized chance of receiving), we ask that you help sustain our work with the following support--either with helping us with our list of needed resources or with funds to pay for same. We want to raise at least $5,000, either with funding or some of the following resources.

NEEDS: 2 IMacs (new or refurbished); 3-D Printer; Office Supplies and printing and postage, travel.
WHAT WE HAVE: Space (Project Row Houses), Internet and Utilities

Make your commitment today. Call us directly with any questions you may have. BUT TODAY ... make that commitment. We've been making to our community. Please consider us today.


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