Judging a Book by It's Cover ...

A Cover doesn't begin to tell you much about a book. But, it might make you read it. Sometimes you're glad and sometimes you are disappointed, but once you love to read, you never stop. After all, it is what's inside that counts.

I've always been a voracious reader. From a young age, my mother read to me. However, I was always interested in whatever she was reading since she was often so absorbed, my siblings and I would have to call her more than once to get her attention. I understand why now. One book she was reading was Human Sexual Response by famed sexperts, Masters and Johnson. I wanted to read it and pilfered it from her night stand. Since I was only 12, I didn't know what the words coitus interruptus meant, so I asked my mother (which is how she found out I was reading it). And, she told me. She also made me give her back the book explaining that I could learn about all those things later. That's what makes books so wonderful. You learn from them. It is especially wonderful to share what you've read with others.

My grandson asked me one day after spending an afternoon at Half Price Books, how many books had I read. Being the grandmother who recognizes teaching moments, we got out pen and paper. I read about 5 books in a week, sometimes more. My grandson was impressed. He is trying to break my record. I told him that no matter how busy I am, I still take time to read. While my life and my work require it, reading is something cultivated in my life, my children's lives and now being passed on to my grandchildren. There are books that are difficult to read (or that I don't want to read, but read for information or review), but the books I'm enjoying the most these days are those that are written by fellow writers.

Tomorrow I go for the book signing of a friend. I haven't read her book yet, but after tomorrow it will be read and reviewed. I just finished reading the first book of a mentee of mine and I'm helping another author publish a children's book. I've even had a hand in supporting another friend's historical novel. Finally, after having read so many books, having published a few myself, I've decided I need to write about the books that mean something to me. It's here where I share, where I urge others to review books they like and share the wealth of storytelling with one another. Starting April 1st, a new blog called Under Cover, Book Reviews for the 21st Century is launched. It is my hope that we can start reading together. Join me. ~ PK


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