Yeah, This is the Last Supper

"It’s safe to say that growth is an uncomfortable process and pain is a necessary investment for progress." ~ DSmoke

If we don't watch out, the lessons inherent in what has been happening in American these last four years should give everyone pause. How can one man create so much divisiveness? There is only one reason that we are divided and that is we've ALWAYS been divided, ignoring the repercussions of having a social construct that says one group is supreme to another, money makes the world go around, and that it has to always be that way. That's just the way it is.*

Do it for the children.
So, I was listening to the Netflix Rhythm and Flow series and this one person stood out. His name was D Smoke (you should listen to some of his interviews) and he did this performance called The Last Supper. I've played it over and over again because it so resonates with my soul. I realize that change, growth is never going to be comfortable because you have to answer for your own sh*t and work on your own sh*t before you start casting stones on another. Not taking responsibility for what you say and what you do is the be-all, end-all of why we find ourselves where we are.
The pain we are experiencing now is necessary because it hurts to challenge the status quo, to stand against tyranny while not diminishing your humanity. Yesterday, I said something to a friend about the current situation everyone is talking about, feeling that the only way out, the only change that can be made is if someone dies. Some people just won't learn, but I would not kill that person or want someone else to do it either.
Yet, this fatalistic thinking is because I am discouraged. I am frustrated. I know the way out is to go high in the midst of the low. I know that there is no way to conquer this pain unless I go through it (uncomfortable process) and that in the end, this pain is an investment of huge proportions ESPECIALLY if we achieve progress. So, to my friend ... I don't think that getting rid of people is the only way, but destroying the systems that create people like these individuals can be done.
So, I am reaching out to my community of communities and asking that we have a vigil for peace on New Year's Day. Let's take this pain and make it count for something more than just hurt, but a revelation of mind, body, and soul. Let's share the best of ourselves in the worst of times and just maybe, we can create a volume of epiphanies that lead us to KNOW ... we're all we got. Together we stand. Divided we fall and that is a waste of good minds, good intentions, and overall destroying our best weapon, which is LOVE.
I am no prophet. But, I am thinking about the future that I am leaving for my grandson and granddaughter, nieces, nephews, and great grands. I am too old and stubborn to just let it be about differences of opinions. No, right is right and wrong is wrong. In the end, we're all going to pay, but some of us won't be here to see the results of what divisiveness does to the heart of a Nation that has the opportunity to finally be on the side of growth. We can become:
A Nation that makes an investment in its FREEDOMS for ALL. 
A Nation that can reconcile our past and create today a place for ALL. 
It is not impossible.
Our humanity is what sets us apart from the others, makes it possible.
As D Smoke said, This is the Last Supper ... we better make it count.
Peace Warrior--@EBKPK @thepeacehour @wackypeacmker
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