Metaphors and Analogies Across Time

Talent speaks for itself.
When Dre (played by Jaden Smith) is getting ready for training by Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan), he equates what he is about to embark upon as being prepared to be a Jedi knight. I laughed out loud because Star Wars was my generation. Then I remember that, well not anymore since the prequel of Star Wars is more of this generation's story. Then I remember, well, Jaden is 12, so Clone Wars keeps him full of metaphors that span a couple of generations. Wow! I love it. Of course this Karate Kid is considered a remake of the Karate Kid that starred Ralph Macchio. Even thinking of comparing metaphors of "Wax on, wax off" to "Put it on. Take it off," I believe that both movies take on a life of each one's own. Will and Jada, hats off to you. As a person who teaches peace camp each year, I can safely say, this teaches more about today's bullying than anything I've seen before. It also lets young people know that battle doesn't always mean destruction, but rebuilding--peacemaking.
     I don't want to give away any of the movie. I know there have been negative reviews, but to those reviewers I say--you don't make movies and evidently you go to movies for something other than entertainment and inspiration. Give up the business 'cuz this movie is 4 Stars.


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