Crazy Moments Like This ...

If God does crazy well, then we're safe!
Let the crazy stuff begin. What is crazy? After all, I keep saying, "It takes being a little crazy to think that we can make the world a better place." Who else would do it? There's no pension fund after a lifetime of work nor can it always be measured. Or can it? In the 16 years I have been journeying across interfaith lines, meeting and getting to know people a different faith from my own, and it has fueled my need to do what is called interfaith work. It is not only a need, however. It is a calling.
     Who are people of faith? I use to think that the people of faith were Christians. But, I've learned a surprising answer--or answers. I want to preface it first by my own beliefs. I am a disciple of the Christ. I believe that Jesus embodied the Christ and that my goal is to find the Christ in me. There. That's simple. It is not up for debate or discussion. It simply is. That said--that caveat, if you will, is not me feeling apologetic about my beliefs or in some way attempting to assuage my views for another's acceptance. Instead, it is what I think we should all do--share those deeper inner beliefs to be understood. I'm simply saying, "Accept me for who I am."
     Crazy, huh? Yes. My disclosure is one that asks the question--'Can you accept me?' with more inference on 'Can you accept me as I am?' The good news is that I've been looking for a place that can accept me as I am, but also to accept others as they are. I'm going back this Sunday and check this place out. The sign was one of those disclosures, 'Can you accept?' And I want to be able to say 'yes' and at the very the least, I'll give it my best shot!


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