When You WIsh ...

It makes no differences who you are--when you make a wish, your wish has the ability to come true. Or does it? Are wishes for some people and not for others? Should I never make a wish since I might not believe that wishes come true. Recently I asked my Wiccan friend, "Do you believe in magic?" Before she answered, I asked her to ask me a comparable question. She asked me, "Do you believe in prayer?" Which surprised me a bit and then our friend said, "I would have asked you if you believed in miracles?" WHICH--again was interesting because I thought that was the question she would ask me because somehow I thought of "magic" and "miracles" as the same thing. When Rachael described miracles, she said that they are something that happen outside of yourself and of which you have no control. She can prove magic, she told me. She wondered if I could prove prayer and I didn't have an answer because I was stuck a bit on wishes and how magic might be a way to make them come true. But, prayer? Hmmmmm.
     So, what is this particular blog about? Magic? Miracles? Wishes? and now "prayer" as the comparable question to magic? Yes--all of the above. Right now things are tough and as I talked with my friends and colleagues, we all have a story to impart about our life's problems. We all end some of our conversations with either wishes, need for miracles and/or magic, and lament that our frustrations and disillusionment and discouragement are real obstacles to overcome. I/We need some magic and I wish my Wiccan friend would unleash her magic and give me what I want, need ... Silly ain't it, but I think not unusual. In the cartoon Luann, Luann's friend Delta asks her if she made a wish when she blew out the candles on her birthday cake. Luann doesn't quite get the question, but admits that she pretends to make a wish because her mind is blank and she doesn't know what to wish for. Me, I have a lot to wish for. I have children. I wish for their happiness. My grandson and granddaughter--their safety. I also wish we would understand each other better and I wish that I didn't have to fight for it happen. I wish that I could have more time to myself and wish I weren't so alone. If only a wish happened because we blew out the candles. Sigh.
     And then I get asked the comparable question. Maybe a wish is as Delta says--not something to happen, but something to aim for. I wish I knew magic. Well, Rachael--that's what friends are for isn't it. And I pray that she teaches me before I'm too old to enjoy it.


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