I'm Sorry---So Sorry ...

Have you ever felt that something can never be made right because no one takes responsibility for what happened? I do. I know when I haven't done what I should and often it is something so simple as not speaking up. I owe a lot of apologies. In fact, we all do. We may never be able to say them--maybe someone doesn't want to hear it (or we think they don't), or maybe that person is gone and you don't know where they are, or just maybe, you're not very brave. Well, here's a way to give that "I'm Sorry" and perhaps make someone's day. Here's where you can do it.

Now, you may be sorry about putting too much emphasis on your looks. That's a good one. You can look at those guilty past times and perhaps let go. As far as I'm concerned this is a peacemaking idea that has charm. What's your opinion? If you like the idea, give 'em $10. That is an "I'm Sorry" that may make a difference--if only to yourself.


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