It's Time to Get "Peace'd" Off!

LORD, grant me the serenity
to ACCEPT the Things I cannot
the Things I can
And the Wisdom to KNOW
Where to Hide the Bodies ...
Can't say that I blame them and of course, you know what started this, don't you? The whole notion that there is no commandment that says, "Thou shall not be pissed off." But, I do remember telling you all that although I can't live with you--I CAN'T KILL YOU! That is the rule. That is the sanction and that is the law. More, what good does it do to kill you? As Bill Cosby says, "There'll be another one just like you!" --- well, actually he was telling his kids that he could kill them and make another one just like them--but you get what I mean. Right? Remember, if I have to explain my jokes, it ain't funny.
     Can't live with you? Can't kill you.
     The truth is, yes I can. And it seems that the rhetoric bantered around these days is close to the edge. We're talking politically and yes, we're talking Tea Party, Right-versus-Left Wing, and hate speech! I had just written in my Facebook that this rhetoric is bordering on Civil War and guess what? I get in my car and someone says the same thing. Can I get a witness? And while the other person on the show (Talk of the Nation) was pooh-poohing the idea, I thought, this is what makes me the angriest. Don't pooh-pooh what my DNA (on the backs of slaves, no less) is telling me. Like those with arthritis, we know when it's gonna rain.
     But, what we're hearing from certain pundits seem to support that everyone who is "mad" now has a right to be. And I agree, they do. But, still can't we look at this with another eye. This isn't about Republican versus Democrat of even right against wrong, this is about not getting our way and when we don't throwing a gigantic tantrum. This is not only about not getting our way, but if we don't get our way, we hurt one another. And there are those who are pushing us to the brink of disaster because they want a war. They want a war because they think they're gonna win.

     I don't mind you getting angry, but we better learn to talk about it. As the Incredible Hulk use to say, "You don't want to see me get "peace'd" off, 'cuz I think I'm just wacky enough to do this. Look, I complain and recently, I've been very angry. You wanna know what I'm really angry about. THIS! This means that all the times I've asked to dialogue--all the shows I've done showing you that peace is possible, we get reduced to the them-versus-us and how can we get 'em attitudes. Bricks through windows. Spitting on people. Where's your imagination?
     I'm proposing that we all get "peace'd" off and that we do it with heartfelt intensity. Okay, we can have some heated words, but let's practice nonviolence. You can shout. You better not try and hit me. Respecting each other, listening to one another and respecting the right for every person to live might seem like a novel idea, but I believe it will work.
     Now, regarding the healthcare bill. Here's a peace idea. Why don't you go and speak to someone without healthcare and really try and put yourself in that person's shoes. Maybe it's not a perfect plan, but by Gawd, it's a start. After more than 47 years, we're finally looking at ways for everyone to have a healthier life. That means a healthier start for young kids before they go to school. That means that a healthier kid grows a healthier adult.
     Still, as I said earlier, I'm wondering if the upheavel is purposeful and I say to those like certain Radio and Television people, stop it. Stop it or we will stop you. I'm asking you to join me in a campaign that works at getting peace in action started. I'm asking all of you who are truly "pissed" off--don't talk with someone who supports your view. Talk to someone who doesn't. Heck, I'll even listen to you.
     I miss my show, I really do. This is where I do my best work, but I will tell you this. I'm not through and I'm coming back strong--right here and right now. You're pissed off now, but just wait. I got something for you. We're bringing the world back to the real "sanity" of love. I'm gonna love you to peace(s) or we might just both die trying.
    Peace'd Off!


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