Peace is a Yoga Pose ...

Day 1
If any of you read O Magazine recently and saw the article  by a woman who is taking a Bikram's Yoga 60-day challenge, I just want to say--I'm not as crazy as she is. However, I'm crazy enough to do the 30-day challenge. The challenge is to do 30-ninety minute sessions of Bikram Yoga in a room hot enough to melt brain cells. Still, like the woman in the article, there is a reason for my madness. Years of neglect, depression, poor eating habits and laziness have created the body I now reside. So, at the end of the session today, I looked and guess what? Nothing had changed. Well, that's not exactly true. It is a step in the right direction and that is change enough. For now.
    You see, as I contemplate ways in which to be a peacemaker, I, like Gandhi know that the change starts with me. I have to be the change I wish to see. The good news is that it is a worthy endeavor. The bad news is that change is hard, sort of like those poses I attempted to do today.  Now you'll notice that the picture above is not me! I know you thought it was, but I want to make sure of truth in advertising. I'll never be that person above. I won't be younger, for one thing. But, I know that over time, I will look and feel younger. I might not be as limber, but I can promise you that I'll be limberer! But, then I'm not supposed to be that child in the picture above, but to do it for the child that lives in me.
     Remember the innocence of your childhood? I don't either. Having children, however, reminded me of that innocence. My daughter thought I was the smartest woman in the world. When her innocence started receding, so did her belief in my infalliability. That was a good thing, oddly enough. I use to tell my daughter that I could change the traffic lights at will. I would drive up to an intersection, snap my fingers and viola - light change. She was so excited. Every time a friend rode in the car with us, she would ask me to do my magic. I loved it. One day it changed.
     My daughter in all seriousness told me later, "I can make the light change, too, Mommie." And she did. As we came upon the intersection I watched her watching the other light and knew that she knew my secret. She waited patiently, fingers at the ready and viola - magic. I was so proud. I love watching a mind take shape. Mine included. It was a valuable lesson for me that day, too. We never talked about it either. We just smiled, both knowing what had happened. Not too long ago, my daughter did the trick for her nephew (my grandson) and she looked at me and smiled. Hey, we must pass on our best tricks after all.
     At yoga this morning (doing it before my brain had time to engage and talk me out of it), my teacher was so encouraging. She talked and demonstrated and sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't. But, I walked away today knowing that my body remembers that it was once limber like that child above and my body reminded me that it won't be overnight. My brain, however, soared. Even with one session, I'm breathing better and thinking clearer. I'll get it eventually. Even if I don't manage to do 30-days, I won't give up!
     So, what does yoga and making make-believe magic have to do with peace? Well, the thing about humor is that if you have to explain it, perhaps the humor needs work. Let's just say, I've offered some insight. Now you have to figure it out. My daughter did. My grandson will, too.


  1. It is now DAY 5 and I've hit the circuit of Bikram studios in California. From Monterey to Santa Cruz and last night at Menlo Park. I've sweated bullets and my arms and neck are sore. My knee hurts and I'm thinking: DO I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS? The answer! YEP, I do. Why? 'Cuz my brain was humming in harmony this morning. Oxygen to the brain is worth every pain right now. I'm thinking right and I'm thinking smart. Just wanted you all to know!


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