We Want Poetry With Flowers

Check out this link at Def Poetry Jam ... And then tell me whether or not you are a ready to be peacemaker. Look at every slide of film at this Poetry Fest on Def Poetry Jam and then TELL ME ARE YOU READY TO BE A PEACEMAKER? Don't stop until you've heard every rap, poem, essay on the things that go bump in the night, that are the things of nightmares at this site and then tell me if you are truly ready to be a peacemaker?

We want poetry with flowers
Sweet words of expression
and soft phrases that enthrall
We want to believe in a God that cares
and his children tip toeing through the tulips
with the ukele playing in the backgound
We want no conflict 'cuz peace is a utopian idea
and we want poetry that matters to the heart
Sweet, kind, wonderfully smooth, rhyming
and timing through our brains
'Cuz peace is a poem and we are its words
Are we?
The more I embrace the idea that I am
CALLED to be a peacemaker
The more I am faced with realities that hurt
Yes, there's the radio station that promotes
peace and then stabs you in the back
Yes, there are the peace organizations that
say that money matters most
And yes, I'm finding that they might like the message
But they don't always want--I say want--the messenger
'Cuz he or she might be that other being
Less blue-eyed, less light enough and
God forbid a Haitian or a Palestinian
Niggers for the New Millennium
People we can point a finger at and say
They ain't one of us
Yes, I want poetry with flowers, too
But I know that in order to have it
I gotta plant the flowers that will grow
and survive
I must live the poetry of my dreams
by facing the realities of my nightmares
And only then ...
Only then ...
Can I sleep peacefully

By the way -- are you laughing now?


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